If you are looking for specifics, see my CV

Who am I?

I am a senior undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I completed my schooling from the Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, and went on to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. But I have since then been converted to deep enthusiast of mathematics, the deeper intricacies of Algebra, Number Theory, Dynamics, Randomness and Information Theory. I have been interested in Game Theory for a long time now, but have been only so good at till this point.

What are my interests

My interests are diverse, weird and often I am highly unqualified, but that does not stop me from boasting on my home page

Musical Interests

  1. Playing the piano (Trinity second grade)
  2. Metal
  3. Classic Rock
  4. Punjabi dance music
  5. Jazz Music

Theoretical Computer Science

  1. Complexity Theory
  2. Information Theory
  3. Markov Chains
  4. Spectral Graph Theory
  5. Algorithmic Game Theory
  6. Computational Number Theory
  7. Convex Optimization
  8. Statistical (and Algorithmic) Learning Theory
  9. Resource Bounded Dimensions and Computation
  10. Cryptography


  1. Measure Theory and analysis
  2. Randomness theory
  3. Probabilistic Combinatorics
  4. Ergodic Theory
  5. Algebraic Complexity Theory
  6. Elliptic Curves
  7. Galois Theory


  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Web Development and design
  3. Economics
  4. World Politics
  5. Religious orthodoxy and it’s causes
  6. Fight against sexism


  1. Japanese food
  2. Korean food
  3. Orissan food
  4. Classic North Indian Food

Financial Interests

A list of markets I actively follow and look towards

  1. Gold markets
  2. Standard stock indices
  3. International Treasury bonds
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Indian Property markets
  6. International banks and mutual funds