Blogs in Mathematics

Following my effort with blogs in TCS, I am trying to build a list opf interesting blogs that one should follow if one is interested in various branches of mathematics. These are generally very general, much like my interests since I am mainly interested in theoretical computer science and therefore stick to that. But I occasionaly find myself in the middle of higher mathematics or interested in unusual branches of mathematics. Therefore I thought it would help a lot of people if I ended up making a small list of blogs that one can follow.

  1. Terry Tao : Everyone knows Terry Tao and his great works. Therefore it is a pleasure to read posts from him discussing some of the largest and most interesting topics known to man.
  2. Gil Kalai : For people who like learning cool new maths in their free time or are interested in proofs of combinatorial problems, Gil Kalai is the way to go. But moreover, he often shares his views on a wide variety of topics from life lessons to Category Theory, so I mean, why the hell not.
  3. Tim Gowers : Gowers is reknown for his work in the 70s, 80s and the 90s. I personally have not read much of his blog, but he comes highly recommended.
  4. John Baez : John Baez is reknown for sharing ideas in physics, mathematics, some areas of computer science and a whole of his own musings. They are generally well written, and if one feels lost one can find what to read from his blog.
  5. MathRepo : Whenever we start something new, there is always the problem of figuring out where to begin and how to begin. This page is a very easy fix to that. It guides you through your journey and is a forever motivating source of extremely invaluable information.