Blogs in TCS

So this effort started with talking to a large but selected number of people who I know are actively part of and are interested in Theoretical Computer Science. I thought it would be a good idea to compile a small list of blogs that would interest everyone that is coming into the field and would be a lot of help to new students or students who are focused on very niche area. So here it goes :

  1. Luca Trevisan : This a general blog by one of the biggest complexity theorist in the world. He posts about a lot of his old work, recent work and about the general direction of the field. His views are interesting to read specially when it comes down to doctoral degrees, and life advice in general for young researchers. He also highlights interesting issues from time to time.
  2. Windows on Theory : This is a blog which is contributed to by the giants of Computer Science and more. One of the biggest contributors is Boaz Barak, and not only are the posts a good introduction to the biggest problems out there but the posts are aimed at young undergraduate and graduate students getting interested in the field. The blog introduces idea in straight forward maners and most of the contributors share insight into their original work in the posts. That is generally much hard to come by.
  3. Shtetl Optimized : Scott Aaronson is known to the one of the leading reseachers in Quantum Computation among other Theoretical aspects of Computer Science and he generally has a lot of interesting insights to share. This is his blog, and it is a must read for aspiring undergraduate students and graduate students in the early stage of their degrees. This would help them open their mind to a wide variety of ideas and might even lead them to interesting mind boggling conclusions.
  4. Godel’s Lost Letter and P=NP : This is one of the more concentrated blogs that aims at the deeper relations between computer science and mainstream mathematics. Apart from talking about one of the problems that are the center of recent research in computation, it also talks about the ideas that led to those. The posts are generally well written and easy to grasp with even the most basic knowledge of the underlying mathematics.
  5. Computational Complexity : The name is misleading since the blog discusses a lot of other ideas, but this blog generally in discusses cool developments in life and research. It is contributed to by Lance Fortnow and Bill Garsh, both being well known and respected reseasrchers in their fields.
  6. FemaleScienceProfessor : An anonymous blog maintained by a female science professor at a large research institution. It muses on issues in teaching computer science in higher education and explores issues of gender in the programming industry and academia more generally. In these changing times, such blogs helps us change perspectives, keep our minds open and constantly keep learning of our mistakes and shortcomings. A lot of people (including me) believe that this blog in maintained by Eva Tardos or at some point was maintained by her.